Noob, Le Jeu Vidéo

Discover the world of Olydri and follow in the footsteps of the famous Noob guild. Will you stay a noob forever or manage to be part of the HL players destined for an e-sport life ?

Game Overview

« Noob - the Factionless » is a turn-based RPG set in the universe of Noob, the french transmedia licence created by Fabien Fournier & Anne-Laure Jarnet in 2008, recouting the epic and humoristic adventures of a new players team in a fictional MMORPG called Horizon whose adventures have already conquered many spectators and readers.

Old School RPG.

Turn-based battles.

New scenario

4 new characters in the Horizon 4.2 universe.


« Noob - the Factionless » recounts the adventure of four beginner players, forming the Rush guild, based on:
- The Neogician Baster, dreaming of following in the footsteps of the famous Noob guild and becoming a professional player despite his low level,
- Drek, hist best friend and blundering berserker,
- The ambitious and sometimes arrogant May, playing a fortune-teller,
- and finally Logs, a dreamy and naive elementalist, passionate about cooking.

Together, they hope to quickly reach level 100 and unlock their Legendary class to join the elite of Horizon players. Their wish is that the Rush guild becomes one of the greatest guilds in the game alongside the Noob, Justice, Roxxor and Pro Game Master guilds.

Besides the challenges encountered in their video game, they will have to complete quests in real life.

The 4 Heroes



Age : 19 years old
Sex : Male
First & Last name IRL : Martin Flynn (his friends call him Marty)
Class : Neogician

Baster is an energetic teenager who pursues the dream of becoming an e-sport player but to this date his attemps remains unsuccessful. Yet he has tried all the sports games tournaments in his town, fighting, FPS, MOBA, but it's no use. He is always eliminated in the preliminary rounds. He has a reputation for being a noob. As he was about to give up, Baster stumbled by chance upon an advertisement about the upcoming expansion for Horizon, the most famous MMORPG of all time. This update 5.0 is going, for the first time, to integrate an esports tournament into the workings of a massively multiplayer online video game. Intrigued, Baster will examine this information and find out the existence of the Noob guild, whose members were once considered the worst players in Horizon. However, by their efforts and their pugnacity, they ended up integrating the elite and even entering the legend! Today, they even have their own statues in the virtual world of Olydri and every Horizon 4.2 player knows them! Motivated like never before, Baster convinces his friend Drek to buy Horizon 4.2 and create an avatar in the world of Olydri to play alongside him. If the Noob Guild has managed to start from the very bottom to the top in Horizon 4.2, then he and Drek can follow in their footsteps to become legends of the most famous MMORPG of all time too. Baster can be a little bit too ambitious sometimes and struggle to show temperance when he has a goal in mind. His excess of determination compensates for immense stress at the origin of his status as a noob, because when the situation becomes perilous, he tenses up and shows a clumsiness that is often fatal to his avatar and those of his allies. As the journey progresses, his friends will have to help him overcome this blocking point to reveal his true potential!



Age : 20 years old
Sex : Male
First & Last name IRL : Adam Duval
Class : Berserker

He's Baster's best friend. They have known each other since childhood and are inseparable. They share the same passions, especially for video games. When Baster announces that he'd like to jump into Horizon 4.2, hoping to be ready when the esports-focused 5.0 expansion comes out, Drek doesn't hesitate and heads off to buy the game too. Drek isn't bad at video games. At the beginning of the journey, he is even more talented than Baster but he is careful not to show it too much so he doesn't hurt his friend. Drek is a jovial fellow. He talks loudly, makes jokes and is always in a good mood. He rarely gets upset and is more the one who patches things up between his comrades when they are on bad terms. Drek is also very protective of those close to him. The girls easily twist him around her little finger. He is unable to say no to them. He is too happy to please and is unable to say no to them. This is the ideal target for manipulative girls. He is also a failed pickup artist who will systematically goof or have his tongue tying up at the fateful moment, which will wipe out all his efforts as a perfect gentleman. Despite the misunderstandings, he is a good and respectful person.



Age : 18 years old
Sex : Female
First & Last name IRL : Sarah Bousquet
Class : Fortune-teller

At the beginning of the game, Baster and Drek don't know May. They will meet her avatar in the MMORPG Horizon 4.2. May is really very strong. She is fast, intelligent, far-sighted and wise. She is an outstanding player. Her exceptional skills are coupled with a strong personality and a great confidence in her potential. She doesn’t let herself be fooled. Se is a natural leader who knows how to transcend her brothers and sisters in arms. She incites them to progress quickly.

However, in certain circumstances, these qualities can turn into defaults. May isn't always very patient. She gets annoyed when there is a grain of sand in the gears and her goals may not be met on time. Worst ! Sometimes she gets rush of blood and acts recklessly, forgetting about team spirit. She's not very difficult to provoke and, when the enemy find her Achilles' heel, it is a game-changer. There is a fine line between arrogance and assertiveness and May oscillates between the two.



Age : 19 years old
Sex : Male
First & Last name IRL : Léo Fleurot
Class : Elementalist

At the beginning of the game, Baster and Drek don't know Logs. They will meet him once connected to Horizon 4.2. Logs plays an elementalist, the only class that can occupy all positions. Depending on the preferred specialty, he can heal, protect, deal damage from distance or melee. This choice is no accident. Logs likes to help. Making people happy is his favorite hobby.

Logs is cheerful and sociable, he always sees the glass half full. He's not an exceptional player, but he does his best to help those he meets. He doesn’t have the ambition to join the elite in Horizon 4.2 one day, he doesn’t think he can. He likes every aspect of this MMORPG, but his preferences are trades and side quests. He loves to collect achievements and doesn't mind farming. Logs loves to cook and eat, both in the real world and in game. He combines this passion with the satisfaction of pleasing his companions by traveling into the world of Olydri to find ingredients and recipes so that his dishes give the best bonuses to his brothers and sisters in arms. Logs is very nice, a bit too much. Some people will not hesitate to abuse it, turning this quality into a form of naivety that can tricks him. Yet he is far from dumb. His main default is that he has often his head in the clouds. He is a dreamer with great empathy.


Horizon 4.2

An MMORPG in an RPG where interweaving IRL and In-Game quests.

4 New Heroes

Follow the IRL and in-game adventures of Baster, Drek, May and Logs, four new players.

Turn-based battles

All in-game combat uses the retro 'turn-based' style.

Story Mode

Complete IRL and in-game quests, face the enemies of the Horizon lore, through an adventure lasting over 45 hours of play.


Climb the floors of the Galamadriabuyak Tower, collect pets, ride mounts, complete your talent tree ...

Age 7+

This game is for players aged 7 and over.

More than 32000

Pre-ordered copies


European Crowdfunding Record


Ulule Contributors

More than 45

Hours of play

Where to buy ?

The video game, "Noob, the Sans-Factions" is available for sale, you can get your copy through different platforms and resellers, the non-exhaustive list of which can be found below. Do not hesitate to come and ask for advice on Discord.

Required Configuration



Operating System : Windows 7 or above (64 bits)
Processor : Intel 2.0ghz Core 2 Duo or equivalent
RAM : 2 GB
Graphics : Nvidia 450 GTS / Radeon HD 5750 or above
DirectX : Version 10 or above
Disk space : ~20 GB


Operating System : Windows 7 or above (64 bits)
Processor : Intel i5 3.1 Ghz Quad core or equivalent
RAM : 4 GB
Graphics : Nvidia GTX 660 / Radeon HD 7800 or above
DirectX : Version 10 or above
Disk space : ~20 GB



Operating System : Mojave 10.14 (64 bits)
Processor : Intel i5-7600K or equivalent
RAM : 4 GB
Graphics : AMD Radeon PRO 560 (4 GB) or above
Disk space : ~20 GB


Operating System : Mojave 10.14 (64 bits)
Processor : Intel i7-7820HQ or equivalent
RAM : 8 GB
Graphics : AMD Radeon PRO 580 (8GB) or above
Disk space : ~20 GB

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